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A World War II Memory - Marie Graham

 Marie Graham was a young girl living in a community far removed from the major urban centres of Canada. As such, modern 1940s life was slow the reach her community near Dauphin Manitoba. When the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan opened a Bombing & Gunnery School at Paulson Manitoba, it fascinated Marie and her classmates in the one-room school house she attended. She and the other kids, saw many things never seen before – modern construction methods, hundreds of new faces in the neighbourhood and aircraft buzzing the farmland and lake nearby. Based on her recollections, Marie, at the time seemed to develop a shrwed understanding of the personnel, aircraft and operations at No. 7  B&G  School, Paulson, Manitoba. It is a great story.

Marie Graham’s video oral history of World War II can be seen on YouTube at:

Marie Graham and her class mates from their one-room school house.