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​Drama on Main Street - Moose Jaw

DOWNTOWN PARADE – We’re told that this photo was taken in downtown Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan during World War II. The Westland Lysander (numbered V9312) and three airmen in front of it indicate that the RCAF had something to do with this ceremony. In front of them is a statue, which appears to be a rendering of either William Lyon Mackenzie King or Winston Churchill, but it would seem premature to be honoring either man prior to war’s end.

The troops facing the statue and aircraft appear to be soldiers – with the exception of the NCOs and officers, each man appears to be wearing putties and holding a rifle complete with bayonet. Each man is also wearing a wedge cap, but these were standard issue in both the air force and army. There is a band to the right of the troops.

Recognizable business names on the street include James Richardson and Sons, Malden Coal, Sterling Shoes and the Park Hotel. A Sweet Caporal Tobacco sign hangs from one of the businesses. 

If anyone has any idea what drama this picture is capturing or if you disagree with our speculations – perhaps you were there or also have photographs and the history of this story – drop us a line, we’d love to know.

If you have a photo related to the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan or the RCAF during World War II, please give us a call. We’d love to have these precious artifacts as a donation for current and future generations to savor. If you can’t part with it permanently please consider lending it to us for a very short time so we can make copies.

This artlcle first appeared in the Commonwealth Air Training newsletter CONTACT. We were unsure of the location of this ceremony but new information found on the Aircraft Restoration Company at Duxford, England web site ( ) states that Lysander V9423 arrived in Canada on October 18, 1942 to serve at No. 2 Bombing & Gunnery School in Mossbank Saskatchewan. This gives credence to the idea that this ceremony took place at Moose Jaw which is a scant 37 miles from Mossbank by air. The Aircraft Restoration Company is bringing V9423 back to life. Take a look at their web site – they are doing some great work.

More information about he Lysander at: