1. Canadian Flyers.
8. Charles, Prince of _____.
10. Engine Lubricant.
11. That thing.
13. Direction aircraft goes on take off.
15. First home for a BCATP trainee.
21. _____  & Pa Kettle.
23. Opposite of stop.
24. Used to start a frozen engine.
26. Where the Cornells and Tiger Moths are (Abbr.)
27. To _____ or not to be _____.
28. Leave a lover.
30. _____ Maria.
31. Home of fuel & fire tenders, jeeps and

staff cars..
32. Tiger Moth replacement.
33. #1 American in the Pacific (Abbr.).
34. Power behind old-style locomotives and ships.
35. To slip by, i.e. time.
37. British Flyers.
38. What Allied flyers did to the Luftwaffe.
39. Pa Kettle's wife.
40. Something you don’t want on your dress uniform.
42. This and good food gives BCATP trainees healthy bodies.
43. Twin engine favourite of BCATP trainees.
45. That man.
46. A favourite dessert in the mess.
47. Sun or `x.’
48. James Cagney was one of these ________

Of The Clouds.

2. The man in charge.
3. You better do this right or the bombs fall short.
4. These give extra lift when taking-off or

5. A stabilizer on a fish, submarine or

aircraft; a fiver; neighbour to a `Swede,’
6. A sharp-shooting radio-operator.
7. Something that isn’t true.
8. _____light or Dick & Jane’s dog.
9. Abbreviation for a German Aircraft type

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Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
Canada 150 Vignette – 114 of 150
British Commonwealth Air Training Plan
​The Commonwealth Crossword

From the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum newsletter CONTACT, Volum 15 Number 2, April 1998, we give you the Commonwealth Crossword, a test of knowledge of the vernacular of the Btitish Commonwealth Air Training Plan. Unfortunatley, we are uanble to give you an interactive online verson, but this page should print well for you. If not, drop me a line at and I will send a MS Word copy. Answers are at the bottom of this page.​​
Junkers JU-87 Aircraft
12. The first flying love for most BCATP

14. Wise aircrew don’t leave a disabled flying aircraft without one of these.17. Opposite of yes.
18. To learn through repetition, e.g. marching.
19. A special animal.
20. London’s river.
21. The Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum’s book.
22. Not forward but _____.
25. Adolph’s girlfriend.
27. Canso or PBY is a flying _____.
28. All-terrain four-wheel drive vehicles – our’s is RCAF blue.
29. South American version of a camel.
32. Where BCATP Cranes come from.
34. Where BCATP pilots get their advanced flying training.
36. It’s blue on the bottom of Hurricanes and Spitfires.
41. Next to beer or gin, favourite beverage of the RAF.
42. At the wing’s parade, the CO will _____ your wings on your tunic.
44. and/_____.
46. Favourite dessert in math class.