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No. 1 Technical Training School - St. Thomas Ontrio​​
 No. 1 Technical Training School in St. Thomas Ontario was opened by the Royal Canadian Air Force in 1939 in facilities appropriated from the Ontario Psychiatric Hospital. This $7,000,000 hospital was newly built and the had not opened before the RCAF took over.

No. 1 TTS was the largest school in the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and was designed to facilitate between 2500 and 3500 students at any given time. It was open between November 1939 and April 1945. When closed, the facilities were returned to the Ontario Government to be used as the originally intended psychiatric hospital.

While in operation, No. 1 TTS operated a large receiving hospital with connected surgical and laboratory wards. The hoepital offered 200 beds and a large x-ray department for patients. That number increased to 700 beds in 1944 to accommodate wounded and sick patients returning to Canada from service overseas. The hospital also operated a dental hospital and air-ambulance service.

No. 1 TTS had a large administration builing with two barracks wings which each contained a library and recreational room. Officers and Technical Instructors were located in a detached three story brick building. All buildings were connected by tunnels. The RCAF added seperate assembly and drill halls to the school which could accommodate 2000 people. The RCAF also built a large training hangar.

The original syllabus called for the training of 2500 RCAF personnel per cycle of which 1100 were to be engine mechanics and 1100 were to be aircraft mechanics enrolled in 18 week courses. The remainder of the trainees received instruction, for varying amounts of time, in other trades including electrical and instrument workers, fabric workers, parachute packers and metal workers. In  February 1940, No. 1 TTS became home to the RCAF Equipment and Accounting School. No. 1 TTS originally relied heavily on Royal Air Force instructors to teach students their trades.

A monthly station magazine known as the ``Aircraftman’’ was published at No. TTS.